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Speak Easy: Demo page

Welcome to your online Speak Easy bar. Sit down, relax, you got this!

Sigmund's Speak Easy is not a normal bar. We have an extensive menu, containing various videos, documents and presentations. Take your time to explore everything we have to offer and decide for yourself what you want to try or not.

Note: just like a good bar, we also change our menu regularly. So be sure to come back at a later time.


Below you can discover the latest additions to our menu. Definitely worth a shot!

Jeron Dewulf - What type of speaker are you? (Dutch)

English version in the making!

Virtual Reality 101

We make use of virtual reality during our training courses. What's more, we don't limit this to the course, but we hand you the tools you need to use it yourself. To support you even more, we have created a manual that you can download below.

PS: it can be useful to install the apps on your smartphone before the training.

Bits and bites

Bite-sized information to help you become an even better speaker!

You will find more here soon

Main courses

Need some more nutrition? Below you will find everything you need to satisfy your hunger (for information).

Digital whiteboard

Was the digital whiteboard omnipresent during the workshop? Were lots of things written on it or on post-its? Don't worry, you can find everything below.

Click to start.

Can't see all of it? You can access the rest of the whiteboard by moving the board with your mouse. You can also use the button on the bottom right to enlarge it (fullscreen) so you can see more at once. Would you like to add comments or do you have any questions? Click on the name at the bottom left, the whiteboard will open in a new window after which you can add comments using the tools on the left side of the screen. Don't forget to tag us with @project so that we are notified when you leave a comment.

Would you like to know more about how to use the whiteboard?