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Speak Easy: Ahlers

Welcome to your online Speak Easy bar. Sit down, relax, you got this!

Sigmund's Speak Easy is not a normal bar. We have an extensive menu, containing various videos, documents and presentations. Take your time to explore everything we have to offer and decide for yourself what you want to try or not.

Note: just like a good bar, we also change our menu regularly. So be sure to come back at a later time.


Below you can discover the latest additions to our menu. Definitely worth a shot!

Virtual Reality 101

We've talked about how you can use VR in our first session. What's more, we don't limit this to the course, but we hand you the tools you need to use it yourself. Follow the link below to download the Virtual Speech app and use VR to keep improving your skills.

Fleur Khani - The importance of breathing (and how to make your voice into your secret weapon)

ONLY IN DUTCH (for the moment, but we're working on an English version)

Jeron De Wulf - Who are you (as a speaker)?


We've done a lot in the two sessions you attended. Below you can find the recordings of both sessions (automatically divided into parts by Microsoft Teams)

Session 1

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Session 2

Part 1:

Part 2:

Never stop learning: challenge yourselves, challenge each other. And come back to this page, we will update it frequently.

Bits and bites

Bite-sized information to help you become an even better speaker!


In session 1 we talked about Toastmasters, follow the button and find answers on questions like what is it? Can I join? Where can I find them?


We also talked about structuring your presentation before starting on your slides. A great way to do this is to make a mind map.

Main courses

Need some more nutrition? Below you will find everything you need to satisfy your hunger (for information).